Industry Buzz On Candice


"Candice's vulnerability reminds me of Viola Davis."

~ Roz Coleman - Indie Film Director, Broadway Actor


"Candice McKoy is a gifted actress with a deep emotional reservoir and powerful presence."

~ Darci Picoult - writer, producer MOTHER OF GEORGE Sundance film Festival Grand Jury Prize Nominee


"Candice's emotional depth, sincerity, and strength was a joy to watch as she brought the character of Esther to life. She was able to fully commit and engage the audience in a moving performance."

~ Lucy Smith Conroy - Director, INTIMATE APPAREL


"Candice McKoy is very grounded, earthy, and powerful. She has the luxury of range and can play both the extremes of the dramatic diva Vanessa Williams type or the funny Sherri Shepherd type."

~ Jodi Collins - film & tv casting director


"Candice is a strong actress and her work really speaks for itself."

~ Mele Nagler - casting director for film & tv