Like Hard Candy With A Soft Sweet Center

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Humble Beginnings 

Let’s see.. where do I begin about moi..I was born on the wonderful island of Jamaica and lived there until I was eight. I should tell you about when I got bitten by the acting bug. I remember being a little girl in Jamaica, going to see my first play and being enthralled by the performers as well as the effect they had on the audience. I became fascinated and knew this was what I wanted to do.

Likklle Jamaican girl

Likklle Jamaican girl

Little Jamaican Girl

The Obstacle

As I grew older I began studying my craft. Fast forward a few years, I was enrolled in a training program and had not yet gotten a substantial lead role in our productions. I felt disheartened, disappointed and my confidence was shaken. A director who ran his own theatre company in New York City directed our final show, he insisted on being heavily involved in casting. Everyone in the class auditioned and guess who he chose for the lead role? Me!! I was so excited for two reasons. I  finally got my chance to play a strong lead role. I have always wanted to bring to light characters of great strength, vulnerability, and humor in stories that provoke, entertain, and touch people’s hearts.   

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE - two woman comedy show about the trials of single successful black women of today

The Triumph

What a boost to my confidence as an actor to be chosen by a working professional director. This also taught me a valuable life lesson: WHAT GOD AND THE UNIVERSE HAS FOR ME, NOBODY, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR POSITION, CAN KEEP IT FROM ME.

Me Now...Hey, Hey, Hey

Me Now...Hey, Hey, Hey

Another boost to my confidence I must share: I was at the airport two days after a two person comedic show I did where I played many different characters and a gentleman approached me and said,"I saw your play last night, you and your partner were so funny, so good. I hope you both make it big." So freakin cool! I share these particular stories to give hope, to encourage anyone reading this to never give up on your dreams, no matter who tells you no. Stand firm in who you are . FOLLOW YOUR BLISS AND GOD WILL OPEN DOORS WHERE THERE WERE ONCE WALLS. That’s just a bit about me, come on in and have a look around at the various characters and stories I have had the pleasure of bringing to life.  Join me as I continue my artistic journey in this exciting, challenging   roller coaster ride of a career. ENTREZ VOUS!